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Wecome home Love

I see your beauty, your power and your gifts

Welcome home Love

I see your beauty, your power and your gifts


Hey Love

I’m so glad you found your way here. I’m a multi-passionate woman, who’s been on a deeply spiritual journey of self-love, self-acceptance and healing. I turned my pain into purpose and stepped into my soul’s highest calling to become a Feminine Embodiment and Self Love Coach, Kambo Practitioner, Plant Medicine and Breathwork Facilitator and the founder of The Soul Rising Retreats

It’s through feminine body wisdom, nervous system regulation, subconscious reprogramming, somatic embodiment practices and the magic of mama earths plant medicines I take you on a journey of sacred self love and healing to help you tap into your feminine gifts and awaken more passion, pleasure and purpose in your life.

I’m a woman who has walked through the fire more times than I can count.

My own spiritual awakening was, to put it bluntly: an earthquake! The universe has its own way of pushing us to grow and ensuring we arrive at our destiny. It’s from my own journey healing from sexual assaults, grief, eating disorders, body shame, abusive relationships and debilitating health challenges that I’m able to guide women back to their bodies and true feminine gifts and power. 

Are you ready to come home to your body, reclaim your power and create a life of pleasure, passion and purpose?


It all started as a whisper: “You are meant for more”.

Have you heard that voice too?

At first, I didn’t listen. I tried to push that voice away, I was lacking self trust and disconnected from my Intuition and it felt easier to push away and ignore it than face the radical truth that the life I was living was a lie. 

The more I resisted, the more pain, disappointment and heartbreak I suffered, but I continued to make myself small and find my worth from everything outside myself: unhealthy relationships, the perfect body and achieving a social status that is often the product of a masculine-dominated society. As successful as my life may have appeared on the outside, I was in a constant state of lack on the inside—-always doing, pushing and trying to control. I held it together for a while, until that whisper became a Roar and I hit rock bottom in January 2015.

I had spent the day looking at wedding venues with my Mother trying to ignore the heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach as I convinced myself and everyone around me that I was in a happy and loving relationship despite my fiance’s relentless criticism, abuse and control. 

Later that night, the call came that split a crack in the facade I had created and created a domino effect of pain, grief and guilt that dismantled my life. My mum had stopped breathing and had suddenly died! In the six weeks that followed I navigated a torrential storm of events that rocked my self-worth to levels I never even imagined were possible.The weeks following my Mother’s funeral, whilst trying to navigate deep grief, guilt and pain I couldn’t take anymore and I made the decision to leave my fiance—only to find out days later that I was pregnant. 

I stood firm in my decision to leave and I made one of the toughest choices of my life to terminate the pregnancy and honor myself. I so desperately wanted children–but not like this! 

I made a promise to myself at that moment to start listening to that inner voice, even if it didn’t always make sense and felt scary af. And the more I listened, the louder it got. I’d spent so many years disconnected from my intuition and my body. It was time to start making big changes. Not just for me, but for my Mother and for all the women who would come after me. 

Most of us know we are meant for more, but stay stuck in a state of dysregulation, disconnection, feeling unfulfilled and burnout. It takes courage and radical honesty to truly surrender to, listen to that voice and step into the unknown but it’s the biggest reclamation you will ever experience and the best decision you will ever make.

I’ve been through alot,

more than most will ever face in this life but it’s because of that I am now so passionate about helping women tap into their feminine gifts, cultivate self love and come home to their body: 

I spent 10 years in the fitness industry and a number of those body building and competing in Fitness and Bikini Competitions. I was obsessed with obtaining  the ‘perfect body’ and pushed my body to extremes with restrictive diets and punishing workouts that resulted in a dysregulated nervous system, eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Later, my body would start to shut down with a mystery autoimmune illness. 

After years of trying to climb the corporate ladder, facing bullying, lay offs and burn out, I was done with trying to “prove” myself in toxic environments that did not support me. After all my efforts to buy a house failed, I took it as a sign and I bought a one-way ticket to India to heal my mind, body and spirit. It was spontaneous, scary and empowering! This radical act of self love is what I want all women to have the courage to do…. To choose yourself!

After so many years of not listening to my body, I developed a mystery autoimmune illness that forced me to confront the deepest levels of body shame and resulted in removing my breast implants, suffering with severe gastrointestinal issues, weight gain,  migraines, chronic fatigue, pelvic inflammatory disease, a bowel prolapse and alopecia,  losing over ¾ of my hair.

As I continued my path of feminine reclamation and self love, I embarked on a journey of womb healing and somatic embodiment where I uncovered and healed from a number of past sexual violations and a repressed memory of being raped in my late 20’s. Sexual trauma that stripped me of my self-worth and was still living in my body and blocking me in many areas of my life.

I now live in Mexico where I’ve found peace and restoration through breathwork,  plant medicine, tapping into my creativity, sensuality and sexuality,  living by the ocean and nourishing my body with healthy food and water, movement and meditation and a beautiful supportive community of healers, artists and soul friendships. It’s a life I couldn’t have imagined during my darkest times, but proof of what’s possible when we say YES to ourselves. 

Plant Medicine played a huge role in my healing journey and now is a huge part of my life. Through the medicines I was able to reconnect with my true self, release past trauma and suppressed emotions from my body and tap into the magic, gifts and power I always held within. They showed me who I truly am, why I am here and helped me to release the blockages, beliefs and patterns that we’re no longer serving me.

In January 2023 I founded The Soul Rising Retreats after spending the past 5 years deep in my purpose, supporting women to come home to themselves and home to their bodies. I wanted to take it to the next level and create something truly unique. A retreat for the modern woman, for you. A place where you can experience real magic. Your magic. A place where you can shed layers of conditioning, trauma, fear, pain and everything else that has been holding you back.

Here’s what I really want you to know about my story:


I had to let go of my old life, to create a new life that was aligned with my deepest passions and soul’s purpose, even when I didn’t have all the answers. It was the only way. 


I invested in myself and found support from mentors, courses, coaches, shamans and healers who helped me unlock the tools inside myself to access my inner power and feminine gifts, release trauma and liberate myself from the patterns and mindset that kept me stuck and stagnant for so long.

The first step in my healing required me to get radically honest with myself–about who I was and what I really wanted. This process of self inquiry and awareness meant I needed to get real and turn off the noise coming from the outside world. 

It was profound and at times lonely. But only when I got clarity on what I truly wanted and what was holding me back I could then understand what I needed and could dive into the unconscious programming that was controlling my reality.

I needed to:

Feel safe in my body.

Reconnect with my feminine essence after years of operating

Honor my body’s natural rhythm and cycles.

Love myself fully.

The next step was liberating myself from the toxic programming and trauma that kept me stuck.

Some of my most profound healing experiences have come through breathwork and plant medicines first encountering conscious connected breathwork in India and taking a trip to the Amazon jungle to experience Mama Ayahuasca and Kambo in 2019 where I blasted through my grief, shame and trauma and tapped into more pleasure than I have ever known.

This is why I’m so passionate about guiding women’s breathwork and plant medicine ceremonies, sessions and retreats.

It’s through the breath and nature’s medicines that allow us to bypass our conscious, thinking mind,  drop into the body and access our emotional body, pain body, unconscious mind and limbic brain. This is where we store unhealed trauma, unmet emotions and once we meet and release these we are able to access higher states of pleasure, joy and bliss. Ultimately, it’s through the breath and psychedelic medicines that we can become our own healers.

My approach to healing combines breathwork, plant medicine, yoga and integration with other forms of somatic healing modalities to help you connect with the power and wisdom of your body.  It’s medicine for the soul… I like to refer to it as soul retrieval and the journey of coming home to your body.

From that moment on I became obsessed with natural medicines,  somatic and subconscious healing modalities that connect us to the power we all hold within. 

I don’t believe there’s a magic wand for healing. It requires journeying into the deepest parts of yourself to release what isn’t yours and then integrating your wholeness in your daily life. It takes time and patience. It requires someone to hold space for you, support you,  honor your journey and celebrate all that you are!

Living in the


I’m here to teach you how to live in a state of ease and flow by tapping into your feminine energy and reclaiming the power and wisdom of your body. Your power as a woman is not in your logical mind, it’s in your body. By honoring the natural rhythms and cycles of your body you will transform the way you think and feel, step into your highest and most confident self and welcome more freedom,  balance  and abundance into your life. 

My days are very different than they used to be, I let go of masculine traits that led to burnout, stress and overwhelm, released body shame, perfectionism and following a path that was not true for me, Now I lead with my feminine energy and intuition and have a beautiful and loving relationship with myself. I want this for you too!  

Everyday I do things that nourish my mind, body and soul. Rising at dawn and walking to the ocean just steps from my apartment in Mexico, connecting with nature, checking in with myself and my body, honoring my body’s natural cycles, emotions and energy and listening to my intuition.  Not everyday is perfect and that’s ok but knowing that I have the inner strength and tools to guide me through challenges has brought so much joy into my life.

Returning to yourself is a constant practice—but it is SO worth it.

When you surrender and let go, you can enjoy the journey instead of fixating on the outcome. 

This is how I support women like you. I am not a mentor and coach who tells you what to do. I hold space for you and give you the tools to come home to yourself because you have all the answers inside. 

I empower you to reclaim your feminine body, to awaken more passion, pleasure and purpose in your life through a blend of breathwork, plant medicine, yoga, meditation,  intuitive coaching and embodiment practices. Through my own journey I learned how to give myself what I needed and now my soul’s purpose is to help you do the same. But don’t worry if you’re not ready to experience plant medicine yet,  my coaching and mentoring packages are tailored to you and your needs. I meet you where you are at and create a road map that feels good for you and aligns with your healing journey. 

If you feel disconnected or stuck, this is your invitation to ask for more. It’s time to reclaim what was always yours.

With love,


My toolbox, practices and certifications to support your evolution:

Along my path, I’ve sought out master teachers in spiritual and scientific modalities. While I am always learning and growing, these are the specializations I have acquired for supporting women.

Plant Medicine Facilitator

Kambo Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

Life & Success Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Time Release Techniques Practitioner

Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Trauma Informed Coach

Breathwork Facilitator (500hr) ‘The Sacred Breath Method’

Feminine Alchemy Training Certification

Join The Feminine Rising 4 month online immersion



Lisa Howes
Lisa HowesUK
Read More
Working with Victoria transformed my life. She’s helped me to move from relying on over-working, over-giving, hustling, living in masculine energy to embracing and leading with my feminine energy, opening me to more love, freedom abundance and empowerment.
Jo Johnson
Jo JohnsonUK
Read More
I choose to work with Victoria because I can rely on her wisdom, soul advice, direction and incredible tools and techniques. I trust her, she’s so caring and supportive, so encouraging and inspirational. I’ve changed in ways that enrich my life and make me feel so positive.
Dianeli Rodriguez
Dianeli Rodriguez US
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Victoria has helped me to discover the unhealed wounds that created the emotional state I was living in. She has supported me to break through the labels, self judgment, to stop running from myself and seeking external validation. She has a unique but gentle way of coaching and helped me to turn my pain into purpose & create the life I’d been dreaming of.



“Victoria came into my life at exactly the right time; to see what a ridiculous hamster wheel I was running on, to witness life-changing stumbling blocks trip me up and now she’s helping me to make sense of what’s important and to realize that I had the tools I needed to figure this out all along, I just needed someone to show me how”

Tanya Ibberson,
United Kingdom

“Victoria has helped me more than I ever imagined. Her amazing ability to empathize and connect meant that I was able to instantly trust her. Her methods and ways of thinking were exactly what I needed. I’ve suffered with anxiety and a very loud inner critic for years, and in just a few months, I’ve already feel a massive difference in myself”

Jenna Leigh,
South Africa

 “I can truly say working with Victoria has changed my outlook on life. My eyes have been opened and I’m building a self-awareness that will only open them wider. She’s been there for me every step of the way and I’ve felt I can always be my raw, true and vulnerable self in front of her. I can’t recommend Victoria enough. she fills me with hope and belief”

Suzi Ide,

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